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Who you can vote for

These elections were for the Mayor of London, the 14 Constituency London Assembly Members, and the 11 London-wide Assembly Members. Voters were given three ballot papers when you vote. For more information visit the How to vote page.

The candidates were officially announced and are listed below.

Mayor of London

Voters could make a first and second choice from the list of candidates. Click on the names to read their mini-manifestos.

*Did not submit a mini-manifesto.

All Londoners who were registered to vote in these elections recieved an information booklet including mini-manifestos from the Mayoral candidates, list of candidates/parties standing in the London Assembly contest, and information on how to vote. You can also read the booklet online.

Constituency Assembly Members

Voters could make one vote for the candidate you would like to represent you in your local area. Candidates either represent a political party or are standing as an independent. The candidates and political parties vary between each of the 14 Constituencies. You could only vote for the candidates standing in your local Constituency. 

View the Constituency Assembly Member candidates

London-wide Assembly Members

Voters also have one vote for the political party you want to represent the whole of the London. The parties standing in the election are listed below. Each party put forward a 'party list' of individuals who will be elected if they got enough votes. You can find the individuals on each party's list by following the link below. There are 11 London-wide Assembly Member seats in total and the candidates were elected in the order they appear on the list. For example, if the party wins two seats, the first two candidates on the list will be elected.

  • Animal Welfare Party
  • Britain First - Putting British people first
  • British National Party
  • Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats
  • Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Conservative Party
  • Green Party - "vote Green on orange"
  • Labour Party
  • Respect (George Galloway)
  • The House Party - Homes for Londoners
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • Women's Equality Party

View the London-wide Assembly Member candidates


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