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Election count delay explained

7th May 2016

London Elects - the independent body responsible for overseeing and encouraging participation in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections, today explained the reason for last night’s delayed election results.

London’s new Mayor was announced at 12:18am on May 7th 2016 – after a delay, due to what were described as ‘minor discrepancies in Mayoral figures’.

London Elects confirmed that every vote in each constituency was scanned and registered quickly and accurately by machines provided as part of a contract with e-counting company IntElect.

Those votes fed into the consolidated reports for the three contests: Constituency Assembly Member; London-wide Assembly Member; and Mayoral.

Checks at City Hall on the Mayoral reports, highlighted some small discrepancies in the numbers for each candidate.

Although these were not in any way material to the overall result, London Elects took the time, working with IntElect, to review and resolve the discrepancies.

Greater London Returning Officer, Jeff Jacobs, said:

“Obviously we regret the delay - but it was absolutely right and proper to take the few additional hours in order to ensure we produced a robust set of figures.

I must take this opportunity to thank everyone – candidates, agents, media, staff and most importantly, Londoners, for their patience.

After every London Election since 2000, the Greater London Authority has held a full review into the way the election was conducted. I intend to hold my own investigation and will cooperate fully with any other review.”

For more information please contact the London Elects media office

London Elects Head of Media Relations:

Alison Bell - 07887 832 918 or 020 7983 4228 – City Hall

[email protected]   

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