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About London Elects

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Results are being declared today

About London Elects

London Elects is the programme team that organises Mayor of London and London Assembly elections. This includes everything from designing and printing the ballot papers, and from managing the counting of votes to delivering a public awareness campaign to tell Londoners about the election and how they can vote. We work closely with London's boroughs and the City of London, which lead on voter registration and set up and run polling stations and provide most of the staff to help count the votes the day after the poll.

While part of the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Elects is politically impartial and operationally independent. It works directly for the Greater London Returning Officer and has a separate budget.

The London Elects Programme Team is drawn from staff across the GLA, leading on finance, marketing and web, media, legislation and guidance, training, venue management of the count centres, and managing the e-counting contractor.

Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO)

The GLRO has overall responsibility for delivering the elections and is directly responsible for the nominations process for Mayor of London and London-wide Assembly Member candidates.

The GLRO oversees the collating and counting of the votes from across London for the Mayoral and London-wide Assembly members elections and announces the results from City Hall. 

The London Assembly Constituency Members election results are announced by Constituency Returning Officers.


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